Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Last Wave

I did that ... the last wave .. at him .. at him

"Why does it hurt So Much?"

There's no way we could ever anticipate the agonizing pain & emptiness following the loss of love.

Whether we have experienced a painful breakup , a divorce , or the tragic death of a loved one ,

the result is A BROKEN HEART .

At first we are stunned.

We feel a sudden numbness.

"No. it can't be! this is not happening"

As we cry out to God, we refuse to accept the loss.

We hope that we can wake up the next day & everything will be back to normal.

If only it could be a bad dream .

Soon ... we realized it has happened and , we can't go back to change it!

When we accept our helplessness, reality sets in ..

and , we begin to feel alone ...

When our numbness gradually melts,

We realize that we are in pain ...

And it HURTS a lot ..

It is not easy to let go or to say good-bye to someone we love ,

because we are toooo attached .

To find relief and heal our broken heart ,

We must understand first,

the nature of true LOVE , DEPENDENCE & ATTACHMENT ...

to whom actually , that primary source of love?

it's HIM .. HIM .. HIM ..

"....surely in the remembrance of Allah, do heart finds rest "

[Ar-Ra'd : 28]


Anonymous said...

salam....buat apa sedih kpd yg dah pergi..mgkin atuk awak bahgia d sana. awak buat sedih d sini,nnti dia sedih d tempat yg dia bhgia...

Qatrunnada said...

I read from this one book about the practical guide for finding love again after the loss of a loved one , painful break up or divorce ..

And stated there , if we try to forget those 'tragedies' n hurry up to move on , our heart actually doesn't heal completely ...

but , try to go with the flow .
try to remember each days , each moments , and seconds .. the wonderful things we've done together , n the painful heart will heals as the way it should ..

And that's y, i'm trying to do the same thing..
I remembered those days with him..
At the same time , automatically, i'll pray for him, so he'll be blessed there .. n to meet him again .. in hereafter .. iAllah

alhamdulillah , it goes slowly ..
peacefully without scars ..