Monday, 28 March 2011


During my last 1 month vacation ,
I had this one precious opportunity ..

From Metro papers, i knew his story ..
He was a 15 years old boy , came from a very decent family ..
Hospitalized at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun ,
because of unknown exact diagnosis from doctors ,
i don't know what kind of disease he's suffering from..

What i read, he was carrying books at teachers' room,
his friends poked him from behind, and his ribs was swollen ..

the mom claimed it wasn't severe until the swollen getting bigger and bigger 4 months later,
until it became as big as a coconut ..
poor him ..

that day when i visited him at his house,
he was too weak , too hard for him too speak ..etc... ='(

adik hakim , Allah menyayangimu ..
Allah menyayangi keluargamu ...
semoga hidup adik dulu diberkati ...
semoga keluarga adik tabah menerima pemergianmu ...
beruntung adik sebab dalam usia muda, adik pergi ...
berbanding dgn hamba Allah ini yg semakin berumur,
tetapi tidak bijak melawan
hawa nafsu ,
yg sering tewas dgn dgn masa lapang ,
yg sering kufur nikmat ...

Allah, lemah ku terima berita ini ...

Al-Fatihah ...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Achilles Heel

I love to see them happy!
Pictures of joyness ..
Infect others in bad mood to atleast smile to the world ..

Friday, 25 March 2011

Regain . Again ..

But feel like writing something so that i don't leave this blog 'haunted'
Ever feel like life is ..
static ..
with nothing can be done

My tiny little brain said ..
" because you're doing nothing beneficial .. and you don't want to think!"

Oh, so it just that?

It is cruel ..
if i want to think about something nice like ..
my dream car?
my own house?
my 'dream' soulmate?

Yes , i can!
But i'll be selfish then
Because ..
i have my other side that has to shared with others & sacrificed ..for .

Turning into this age made me feel afraid
I scared to my own dream ..
But i owned that Allah Hears me , very well .. very well ..

After one came, one goes ..
That one goes , another one came ..
Life is hard .. but i can bear it , because He won't gimme something i hardly bear ..
too hard when that thought of ..

sort of .. my 'dream' will go away ..
i keep reminding friends , think positively ...
i do think positively, but sometimes ..
It doesn't work on certain circumstances , right??

ok.. i'd better sleep when this feeling comes ..

so inappropiate ~

Saturday, 12 March 2011


.: Startled :.

When suddenly life can easily changed into something else
When someone you badly aspire just gone
When ..

uhh ..
[ not worth to whine ]

'It' just started her class ..
Feel like yesterday ...
Yesterday ....

'It' knows she must concentrate ,
but holy crap .. difficult , enough ..
to restrain 'it'self ,
from hiding the pictures ..

.: Aku Sakit :.



Please wake up !
So that ,
The covert conduct ..
Can be changed into legal binding agreement ..

Friday, 4 March 2011

Saudara-Saudariku ~

2 golongan yg Allah s.w.t tak mahu memandang ke arah mereka [ benci ] pada hari Kiamat ; iaitu org yg memutuskan hubungan silaturrahim & jiran yg jahat ...

Hadis riwayat Al-Dailami drp Anas r.a ..
So, according to the above-mentioned hadith, 2 kind of ppl whom Allah hates ;
those who break silaturrahim & bad neighbour ..

Imna say the first one ...
'yang memutuskan silaturraheemm'
Mana2 pun boleh jadi, right?
Even anak-ibubapa , adik-beradik, kawan2 dll ..

Sometimes, we don't even notice this actually happened in our comfortable life?
Why i said so?
When we just simply ignored our certain relatives who're not really compatible with us..

COMPATIBLE with us??
I mean, like this ....
Maybe we see that friend of us ..
Isn't really matter to us,
Isn't really important to us ,
tak satu kepala dengan kita ,
tak satu fikrah dengan kita ,
lebih kaya / kurang bernasib baik dengan kita ,


They pissed us off ,
tak bayar hutang - piutang yang berlambak ,
cakap lepas pada kita ,
pernah tengking kita,
marah kita ,
bla3 ....

then ,
we accidentally / coincidentally / intentionally ...
buat dek padanya ...
walhal , hak kita pada dia masih ada ....
silaturrahim ...

Hmm ..
Solution ..
Because we're so unlimited to any connections ;
we have celcom, digi, maxis , U-Mobile ...
internet? streamyx , TMnet , n ape tah yg paling baru tu ....

Simply text our friends ... tanya khabar ...,ajak datang umah... ajak keluar?
to tighten the Silaturrahim ...