Friday, 25 March 2011

Regain . Again ..

But feel like writing something so that i don't leave this blog 'haunted'
Ever feel like life is ..
static ..
with nothing can be done

My tiny little brain said ..
" because you're doing nothing beneficial .. and you don't want to think!"

Oh, so it just that?

It is cruel ..
if i want to think about something nice like ..
my dream car?
my own house?
my 'dream' soulmate?

Yes , i can!
But i'll be selfish then
Because ..
i have my other side that has to shared with others & sacrificed ..for .

Turning into this age made me feel afraid
I scared to my own dream ..
But i owned that Allah Hears me , very well .. very well ..

After one came, one goes ..
That one goes , another one came ..
Life is hard .. but i can bear it , because He won't gimme something i hardly bear ..
too hard when that thought of ..

sort of .. my 'dream' will go away ..
i keep reminding friends , think positively ...
i do think positively, but sometimes ..
It doesn't work on certain circumstances , right??

ok.. i'd better sleep when this feeling comes ..

so inappropiate ~