Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fewwit , ya?

Assalamualaikum readers ^^

I had a great! wonderful day today!
Since i am in Dermatology rotation, have 2 days cuti (thursday & friday)
So.. quite a free day today ..
At first, planned to meet a special Ophthalmologist, and a friend .
But i end up , by searching for kedai makan (keke)
Because the doctor wasn't available at his office and that friend was having her class
plus , si dia yg bersamaku lemau , monyok .. sebab 'dia' lapar! keke

KFC was our choice .. tapi the workers baru nak mengemop le pulok ..
So.. we went to our usual restaurant .. Foundy ( asyik2 Foundy )
Nobody there , since it was about 10.30am ..
We searched for a place , and Quran recitation shown in the tv at that time ..

After about 5minutes , after we ordered our breakfast ,
2 big, tall, orang putih , wearing hat men stepped into Foundy ..
Sat opposite our seat ..
wondered, where're they coming from ..

Everything went normal , until si dia asked me for a plain paper
and suddenly a small piece of paper dropped , unnoticed
One of the orang putih told us ..

Aku & Dia : Oh, Ok! thanks ! =)
Orang putih : OK! =)
Aku : Terasa nak tanya la diorng ni orang mana ... (sibuk je aku)
Dia : tanyala ...
Aku : Excuse me??
Orang putih : soksek soksek while looking at the tv ...
Aku : [slow sangat ke suara aku? tgk2 kat tv, org kedai dah tukar rancangan music video arab , penyanyi pmpn arab yg xcukup kain lak tu ... huhu ]

Aku : EXCUSE ME?? (then, they noticed my 'excuse me')
Hi, are you Egyptian?
Orang putih : Oh, no! Germany.. Almania =)
Aku : Aha, i see .. =) I thought you're Egyptian .. you speak Egyptian language?
Orang putih : arkkk (sambil tunjuk jari tangan yg menunjukkan mmg sedikit yg dia tahu - ibu jari & jari telunjuk dirapatkan ) 'shukran' 'salamoalaiko' .. a little =)

Aku & Dia : hehe ... ok..
Orang putih : And you?
Dia : We are Malaysian ..
Orang Putih : Are you students? or what?
Dia : Yeah , we are students .. medical students here , and you?
Orang Putih : We are engineers , for the hospital ..
Dia : oh ... [dan aku juga mcm wow... ]

Orang putih : How do you find here? is it nice? or .. [ sambil tunjuk gaya tangan so-so ]
Dia : hurm.. some are really nice, and some are ok-ok ^^
Orang putih : oh yeah? how long u'll have to stay here?
Dia : hurm , about one & a half year more
Orang putih : What?? Because we've been here for one month and there were like weird..

Dia : keke .. we've been here for like 5years , so it's nothing to us anymore
Orang putih : Oh ya? you know what, when we're walking from our hotels to the hospitals , all people are like (sambil dongakkan kepala & tunjuk muka batak .. huhu)
And when we reached the big gate in front of the hospitals , & there're some women , and we're holding the gate ... u know, to be like gentlemen .. n they passed in front of us and ..[he showed again that face!

Aku & Dia : [dalam hati nk tergelak tgk muka orang putih ni!]
Orang putih : And.. and ... it's like weird here, because of the trashes and dirts ..
Aku & Dia : (Gulp ~)
Orang putih : U know infront of their shops, there're ways for pedestrian .. and they swept and clean that way, but they threw 'em infront towards the roads, and even the cats can dig those trashes ..
Dia : yeah, even we were shocked at first, and we don't have that in our country ..
Orang putih : Different places, different people, yeah ..
Dia : yeah ..

Orang putih : oh yeah, and one more , there's one day, we stopped n ate at this one restaurant, and beside our table are fences .. and even the tables are untidy and still a lot of things .. and when the waiters came, they just threw the food [leftovers perhaps] beside the fence T_T ....
Dia : yeah ... that's it .. [T_T too]
Orang putih : And ... (he demonstrating something - he took his used tissue on the table and threw that thing 'slumber'ly on the floor, with muka selenge , but then he picked that tissue ]
Aku & Dia : [hahahaha.. muka kau mmg lawak la ]
Orang putih : Yeah , and how can u live here? it's long ..
Dia : yea, because we are strong =p
Aku : koya la ko ni, haha.. suro la omputih ni 'bear with it'
Dia : be strong! [keke]
Orang putih : yeah, we'll see .. [ and they leave Foudy ]

Aku : Tapi rasa inappropiate plak . orang kedai ni faham kot apa yg kite borak2 ngan omptih tu .. tadi rasa nak backup je.. xlah suma tempat mcm tu.. huhu
Dia : eh, aahla .. T_T


So, readers? what do u think??
Last Monday , we had our Reseach & Methodology class , title was 'Nobel Prizes'
He showed us , all about research , and who won the nobel prizes ..
towards end of the class, he showed ..
About 1.4 billion muslims .. NO nobel prizes winners by this group
About 12 million jews ... [xingat brapa jumlah yang terima nobel prizes , but quite a number]

And doctor asked .. WHY???
Because WE ARE SLEEPING ... [luckily, no one sleep in the class]

OK, enough for today ..
'borang muhasabah studyku' utk mentor2 nampaknya satu usaha yg bagus!
when i scan that form,
adoyai.. betapa banyaknya masa telah dibuang dalam 23taun hidop ni ..

benarkah .. WE ARE SLEEPING?