Saturday, 30 April 2011

Land Called Paradise

Topic above is actually a song ..
I randomly pick that because suddenly i feel toooo 'occupied'

occupied ?
Because, i am .
Trying to live , learn , love what am i doing , and legacy, perhaps?

Yesterday, i accompanied Afifah Alias , to Cairo
while she's having her intercawangan meeting
i got this new experient!
to excited to tell the world ni
not because of to show off tau
but because this is MY FIRST TIME .......
donating blood

That blood donation activity was held by PERUBATAN Medical Team
astonished ,
and hopefully something beneficial like this
can be held in Mansoura too by our Mansoura Medical Academy ^^

I think i was lucky ,
because i went to the place for blood donation tu
exactly after having my lunch,
so i think i'd be safe by fulfilling that precaution..
Because before in Malaysia , i did tried , but instead of giving my blood ,
they gave me ubat nak tambah darah

Things look cool, though
The person incharge to withdraw the blood is an Egyptian nurse
Well, everybody knew how they Egyptian ,
slumber'ly' she injects me with that big needle!
I reacted slumber lah jugak

Time passed slowly ,
While blood goes down to the blood pack ,
slowly i felt my throat uneasy
i felt i need more n more plain water n asked them 1 mineral bottle!
n i felt light-headed.

The person incharge called me several times ,
and the previous nurse quickly took off the needle ,
and yell 'agibha Shipsy Malahhhh!!' [ get her Chipsy Salted! ]
* Chipsy ialah sejenis keropok jajan di sini
It could be hypotension , yeah?

Whatever it is ,
It was great
Because i got a free mug , Mandolin , & Chipsy


imah said...

tahniah kpd kokyong atas pendermaan darah tersebut \^_^/

-live, eat n pray well...-