Thursday, 10 February 2011

OVERT vs COVERT .. conduct?

Back then, when it was severely confused ,
It can't even differentiate between A & a , B & b , Z & z ,
But after some time ,
Came this one holy worthy value ,
Magnificent! Peaceful! though hardship comes together ,
and abruptly change it's mind & soul .

Well, overt conduct seems not that endurable,
It were vanished! bleach .. and the scent vaporized,
Seems Cover conduct prevail, excellent in it's own unique stlyes,
Yet ,
'it's' failure comes in the end .

Covert conduct ,
Done in secrecy,
Never comes out loud ,
In the midst of the day ..
Known by it , it's and Thy ..

Infirm, atonic , flaccidity and even limp!
Where'd you go, Overt? Overt? OVert!!!
Damn you Covert!
'it' now fainted ,
Drownnnnn ,

It strongly, demanding !
OVERT again