Saturday, 19 February 2011

Clandestine Chatting II

Exciting .
'Old man are wise' , said one of my professor during i was in semester 6 .
This is what i thought , when i had this invaluable moment with Ayah ...
On our way 'going back' to Kota Bharu ..

Ayah . He was, is and always be a fine man to me .
Mak too . She 'll be my the best example . ever .. Love them both !

Ayah told me, a very touching story of this one man .
I knew this man , was my friend's father whom i knew since my childhood .
This man , Hj 'J' originally from Banjar [don't know the correct spelling] clan.
He's a tough man, i guess. Started his life , with difficulties .. depicted as the house's roof were only made by Daun Nipah... ="(
I just knew that , in his late kampung, he was noted because he was once a mischievous boy.. [probably because his father died early] ..

But he got luck , bestowed by Allah, by got chance to further his study in Universiti Malaya ( which that time, UM is a very prestigious university - and even now )
However, imagine that with no enough money .. he told his mother this ,
"mak, aku kena pegi Kuala Lumpur ni, sambung belajar"

Then the mak replied , " kau ni, tak habis2 belajarnya " ( -_- ")

But his Kak Long sacrificed a lot for him ..
Pawned her jewellery and asked him badly to go to KL ..
He went to KL alone .. alone ...
Arrived at Masjid Negara alone, during subuh prayer.. he knew nowhere to go, how to reach there at UM.. but his heart whispered " mesti ade jalan, nak g sana"
Then came this one bus , with a group of young people .. and coincidentally they were from Sabah, came for registration at UM also.. He had his free ride for registration.

His turning point in his life is here .

Now, Hj 'J' is our neighbour. Last time i saw him was in Hospital Raja permaisuri Bainun.
Diabetic , ill .. Had Diabetic Neuropathy long time ago ( diceritakan beliau balik dari pasar malam tanpa selipar kerana tak sedar kakinya sudah tidak berselipar ) , Diabetic retinopathy .. D. Nephropathy? ( tak de lagi ayah kate, kite doakan beliau , ye? )

He makes joke with Ayah :

"Aku, sakit... teruk2 pun potong kaki...
Kau , sakit .. darah tinggi , teruk2 badan lumpuh ( stroke )..
Mana teruk? haha .. "

--" ( nice joke, huh)