Friday, 12 November 2010



Majlis Lantikan Mentor .

Mentor ? experienced person who advises and helps somebody with less experience over a period of time

If we say mentor here in Mansurah, are those seniors who are appointed by Unit Pembangunan Insan to help our freshman. We're divided in certain groups and 1 group comprises less than 10 students , and guided by 1 or 2 mentors.

It is not an easy task, indeed. They (Mentor) have to be highly confident, proactive, social skills ok , knowledgeable and 'eveready' . To build a great and superb human being , you yourself has to good enough to be a role model.According to the guidelines given, the full criteria are:

1- Mempunyai kefahaman agama yg mendalam
2-Iman yang mendalam
3-Bersifat amanah
4-Keikhlasan yang tinggi
5-Beramal dengan ilmu
6-Keperibadian yg terpuji
7-Mengenal jiwa
8-Pergaulan yang baik
9-Menjauhi segala kerosakan
10-Muhasabah & bersungguh-sungguh

p/s : ain't easy, right? Hurm.

When I was in my 2nd year (3 years back then) , without knowing the actual tasks of Mentor , i was appointed. My reaction : 'Damn' (teenage rebellion) .. but i accepted it . didn't know why, maybe for experimental purpose.

Why 'Damn'?
2nd year, little experiences involved in this things , plus when reflecting myself to the aforementioned criteria , i think im out of line. That's it!
In fact, i'd think many other hidden mentor outside deserve this job. I didn't do this amanah very well, it suck me in! Had that feeling of guilt actually, but .... hmm, i didn't try to improve the situation, but i'd say, i escaped from the problem. By not doing the job.

3rd year, was appointed again. Was shocked, but i think im the person who dont know how to say NO. Experimental year again. Indeed, tried to find methods to develop the confidence. I'd see this as a challenge , ain't easy . Tell ya. still lack of the skill how to share what i have with others. sigh .

4th year , accepted again . Again & again . Haha . This time, i'd say, it's different . Because Unit Pembangunan Insan become more established and well-organized. Mentors are given a file, containing the guidelines and all 'substances' that we need to understand by ourself and give something out. Bak kata Saiful Islam 'Erti Hidup Pada Memberi'. As grows older, by implementing 'Erti Hidup Pada Memberi' , i feel life is a Bliss .

During today's briefing, i heard 'eveready' word . Mentor has to be 'eveready'. It's like a doctor who has to be 'eveready' in all conditions [macam 'On-Call' for doctors]. Maybe this would be the good platform to get ready for future undertaking, eh.

In a word , to be a great person , don't be afraid. "Great work are done by people who are not afraid to be great" . It needs time, experiences , always be open to criticism , always pray, hope for getting better & better ,even sometimes , feel to shut yourself off from these things and lock yourself. Pergh.. preaching.

No fascinating insights into life of being a mentor, but trust me , you'll feel the bliss and pleasurable moment if it comes with keikhlasan .

Dimanakah kamu wahai IKHLAS .... =)