Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Life is Schizophrenic Disaggregation

Assalamualaikum wbt ~

"Life is Schizophrenic Disaggregation" - uncle Khushi Mohamad ^^

Me :

Currently 'interested' in Psychiatry ..
Is having her 1st week in Psychiatry round ..
'Enjoying' lectures, even no guarantee she'll understood 'em well enuf .. --"

OK .. My group went to the outpatient department yesterday and came this one patient ,alone .....

Male [ i didn't record his name ]
58 years old
A driver
Was referred from radiology department
Complaints :

He thought that there's one Mr President of nowhere come to ask him to work as a police , and felt that was an absurd idea [how come a driver can be a police?] ,
with an offer for 2 million dolars! [wuhuuu!] .... and claimed that many people tried to assault him.. with an attempt to 'stalk' him by putting something like small camera / laser in her stomach to control him.. to kill him!

He married twice , and claimed that his wives were unfaithful .

Macam kelaka . [ups]

But this is the reality in psychiatric patients.
They can be anything!
That's why in medicine, only in Psychiatry .. we can freely admit patients according to Mental Health Act because they could be dangerous to people .

Doctor claimed, till now doctors conditionally have to try to convince..
Especially to the family , that the patient is actually suffering from mental illness .
Mental illnesses = gila ?
I see this as a challenge for doctors , they have to put their situations into patient's belief..
Camne tu??

(contoh situasi)
Patients believes that sakit die tu sbb buatan jin ,
Dia pi jumpa bomoh dulu ...
Bomoh 'puh sana puh sini' , habaq mai itu ini ,
Bila dua tiga kali pi sakit still tak ilang,
Pi jumpa doktor ,
Tgk2 sakit dah melarat kronik ,

(contoh lagi)
Patients datang jumpa doktor,
habaq sakit itu sakit ini,
doktor pun check sana, check sini,
dengaq sana dengaq sini,
dok ultrasound sana sini,
tapi xda papa ...

Patients x puas hati, pasai sakit xkebah2 ,
pi la dia jumpa bomoh pulok,
Bomoh habaq die kena buatan orng ... jin mana xtau dok rasuk badan hang..

Superstition VS Reality testing
That happened in this field ,
Certain populations in this world have their own beliefs towards superstition.
And what people in the hospital do is,
Find an appropriate way to make them understand..