Friday, 5 August 2011

Homey Atmosphere

Assalamualaikum , readers ...

Ramadhan Kareem =)
Now it's already 4am in my room at Ipoh , can't sleep due to jet lag ..
and almost 26 hours i'm here at Ipoh ..
I supposed to be here since 3rd August ,
but due to inconvenience and troubles that happened during my flight to Malaysia ,
my flight was delayed for almost 24 hours .. i guess .
My friends and i were 'deserted' at Riyadh airport ,
without any notice / announcement ...
until the other passengers started to fidget ...

Actually i heard rumors that Saudi Airlines was quite problematic ,
but tried to 'husnu zon' and i just continue with this flight .
But it turned otherwise . haha .
Everybad was mad . Damnly .
But still we're lucky , they still gave us food .
Like the moment i stayed in Cairo Airport during the revolutionary uprisings in February.

However , my otherwise Husnu Zon turn otherwise back [ apa punya ayat ntah ]
Due to those technical errors , the fidgety events with Saudi Airlines ,
my madness gone away .. when i see something that i won't see anywhere
with other airlines , i think .

The steward prayed together for Fajr prayer ,
the stewardess also became Imamah for my female friends ,
in a small cubical area at the back of the plane ,
and i think that area specially designed for prayer area ..

The stewardess covered her body with the airplane blanket ,
above and below .
Probably she wasn't comfortable to wear only the suit she wore for solat ..
And she read Quran after the Fajr prayer ..

I hope i'll see this miracle more n more in the future .
i have to get back to work now .
Many things to be settled .


Selamat Beramal . Readers .